Some papers I have written:

A Control-Theoretic Approach to the Design of Zero Finding Numerical Methods. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, v. 52, p. 1014-1026, 2007.DOI

On-off policy and hysteresis on-off policy control of the herbivore-vegetation dynamics in a semi-arid grazing system. Ecological Engineering, v. 28, p. 114-123, 2006. DOI

Steepest descent with momentum for quadratic functions is a version of the conjugate gradient method, Neural Networks, 17 (1): 65-71 Jan. 2004 (download, 123K, pdf, Article in Press version, PDF)

Threshold policies control for predator-prey systems using a control Liapunov function approach, Theoretical Population Biology, 2005 (download, 1.2M, prepublication version, PDF).

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Some books I once wrote:

Control Perspectives on Numerical Algorithms and Matrix Problems (SIAM, March 2006)

Matrix Diagonal Stability in Systems and Computation (Birkhäuser, Boston, 2000.) (Try for the Look Inside This Book feature)

Some coauthors: Charles Desoer, Eugenius Kaszkurewicz, Victor Kozyakin, Yangfeng Su

Some recent ex-students: Fernando Agustin Pazos, Magno Enrique Mendoza Meza, Ricardo Linden, Oumar Diene, Carlos Henrique Craveiro da Fonseca, Manuel Humberto Manyari Rivera

Some research I have done: In (almost) plain English

Some research interests: Control and systems theory, Neural networks, Parallel computation

Some courses I have taught: Linear systems theory, Applied Linear Algebra, Parallel algorithms, Feedback control, Optimization and optimal control, Nonlinear systems.

Some personal stuff: In another space